Our Basic Rules

MaaRula UPSEE Performer 2018

Basic Rules

  • Students are expected to maintain ‘pin drop’ silence in the classroom.
  • There should be no kind of interaction b/w the students. If you are having any confusion or any problem you can ask for help to staff members, but not the students.
  • You have to maintain cleanliness in your classroom. Any wrapper of toffees, chips , rubber dust, used pens, rough pages, etc . should not be thrown in classroom . You have to carry them along with yourself in a dust bag and can dispose it in a dustbin .
  • You are always advised to work in a sequence. Whenever the students are left for breakfast , lunch , document submission or any other activity . Then they are instructed to move in a proper sequence. The students maintain a proper system of working . For example when you come in the morning and you find that 4 students are waiting for marking their attendance in the register then you should wait patiently until your turn comes up.

In the same way if you go for refilling your bottle and you find someone standing there , waiting for his turn, then in such case students are advised to go back to their classroom and sit in their seat and wait until the former student comes back. You should never rush for doing any work .

  • Regularity is the supreme ideology of  MaaRula Classes. If you want to take leave because of illness or any other reason, you will have to report to Chandresh sir about the problem before going on leave .