Director Message

Director Message

I, Amit Katiyar the director of MaaRula Classes wants to leave a message for all the students who admire the field of computer science and take MCA as a prestigious degree but the misperceptions like they won’t be able to crack the Entrance Exam or job opportunities are growing less in the field of computer science often polarise their decision and lead them to wrong paths. Let me answer a few most frequently asked question by students.

 Is Mathematics a tough language?

No, Students Mathematics is not at all is tough. It is as simple as the calculation 2+2=4 is. It’s our approach which makes it look complicated. And you don’t need to attain mastery in Mathematics to crack MCA Entrance. You are required to answer simple problems which can be solved within a few minutes. All you need to develop is a logical approach to questions.

Are jobs opportunities growing less in the field of computer science?

Students let me tell you that this is the oldest rumor, I ever heard in my life because I have been hearing this since, my graduation period and even today I meet students with such doubts.
We all are well aware of the technological advancements taking place all over the world. And the increasing involvement of technology in government as well as private Sector. These facts have increased the demand for computer engineers all over the world. So, how can you conclude that job opportunities are growing less in the field of computer science?

 Do we need to study 10-12 hours to score well in the MCA Entrance Exam?

Students the first thing you need to do is stop studying by counting hours. The duration of your studying time doesn’t create much difference, it’s your concentration level which creates a difference. Don’t take your studies as a burden. Take them as your hobby and whatever period you decide for studying, Just be fully focussed for that period.
The other thing you need to take care of is that keep your study zone and comfort zone separate. Don’t try to study when you are laying in your bed or when it is the time for you to take rest and similarly. don’t try to be in a comfortable zone while studying. Just fix the hours of your rest period and study period and work accordingly.
Here, I end my note to my dear students I think I must have cleared many of your doubts. And if any of your doubt is still left unanswered then please text or mail me. I take great pleasure in answering the questions of students.

Thank you!