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Study Pattern Of MaaRula Classes

Tests are like mirrors which reflect your performance. There are various options available for students to prepare for MCA Entrance but the question is – which medium assures your success completely ? We are not claiming that we are the only institution which can help you cracking the MCA Entrance Exam but yes we can assure you that we  provide the best study material and the best test series  for outstanding preparation of students . Here are the reasons which makes our test series different as well as efficient :

Regular  Tests

Regularity sounds simple but it takes a lot of guts to conduct test series on regular basis. Bad weather conditions, personal  problems, health related issues , national holiday etc . never hamper the regularity of MaaRula Classes test series. MaaRula Classes conducts test on each and every single day of its academic year  .

Covering the wide- range of syllabus which can help you crack not only one specific examination but also other prominent similar examinations .

The speciality of MaaRula Classes test series is that it never considers any topic as unimportant, you will get a chance to attempt a well-set question paper  of even those topic which are rarely asked in examination . But as we have seen in past few years that the paper pattern is not always predictable , therefore MaaRula Classes tries to prepare it’s students for all kinds of possibilities .

Separate Model paper for BHU/ JNU/ NIMCET and other important Entrance examinations                                                                                                                        

Students always ask for model papers so that they can get some idea about the paper pattern followed in the specific examination . MaaRula Classes not only fulfills this demand of students by conducting model paper test series but also builds up students confidence level by increasing its frequency of tests to number which no other institute can match easily .

Best way of Revision by conducting topic wise test- series

Before coming to model papers MaaRula Classes conducts topic –wise test series whose frequency is so large that if the students continues to solve the whole test paper and finds out the answer key of all the questions honestly then he/ she can secure a good rank in NIMCET or any other central university Entrance examination easily .

All the important questions asked in different MCA- Entrance examination are shuffled test-paper of MaaRula Classes in a very efficient –manner

MaaRula Classes tries to bring all the aspects of competitive world before it’s students . The test papers cover all the important question which have been asked in previous year examinations. It also cover all the other similar kind of problems which can come in the next year question paper .

Equal Attention paid to Mathematics / English / Aptitude / Reasoning

Students always listen that mathematics covers a large portion in NIMCET or reasoning covers a major portion in JNU or don’t care about aptitude and computer if your target is BHU and many other rumors. Students usually believe such rumors  and put their 100% effort on usually one portion but the question is, What if the paper pattern changes completely in the coming paper or even if it doesn’t change and you qualify your Entrance successfully , can you also grab your job with the same preparation tactics,  the answer is ‘No’ , because if you want to perform well in your Entrance as well as in your Institution  in which you will pursue your 3-year MCA program, then you will have  to focus on all these topics dynamically .

And so MaaRula Classes conducts regular test on all these subjects which helps its students in giving  outstanding results .