All about MaaRula Classes

What is MaaRula

‘MaaRula Classes’ an institution which is emerging as a very sound organization in the field of MCA Entrance Examination has given excellent results since, it is beginning phase. It has always received appreciation on the part of people for its outstanding performance but along with the appreciation the institution has also received some negative comments against its ideology. We found that some people have highly misinterpreted the ideologies of MaaRula Classes and are conveying the wrong message among the students about the classes. So, it’s high time when the institution itself should convey it’s goal and purpose to the students

  • What is MaaRula ?
  • MaaRula Classes is not a mere coaching centre. It’s a completely different world which isolates it’s students from the outside world so that they can focus on their goal in a better way . MaaRula adds confidence and energy to it’s students and motivates them to dream big and then it works parallelly along with the students to help them achieve their dream college . Here , the teachers are more serious about the career of students than the students themselves are and so they work even harder than students to make everything work smoothly. MaaRula not only focusses on the syllabus of Examination. It focusses on the overall personality development of it’s students. Because, difficult battles can never be won just by possessing trained armymen or good weapons. You need to build a good strategy , you need to be confident . You must be able to defeat the opponent with your psychology , only then you will be able to enjoy the taste of victory .
  • Yes, it’s true that we put students under pressure we expose them to every possible problem that they may face during examination time or in near future . But students you need to understand that we don’t do it for any evil cause, we do this because we want MaaRulas to become mentally strong. So, that they can face any challenge bravely and achieve victory anyhow . When you will move to any central university or any NIT then you will have to deal with a lot of pressure and there will be no one to guide you . That’s why we give prior training to our students , to make their future safe.
  • Many people criticize the fact that in MaaRula students are made to sit for the whole day . So , let me make it clear that we don’t force students to sit here for the whole day. We have already structured our module into different batches. The students themselves decide the batch in which they want to get admission and therefore decide the time duration they want to spend in the classes.
  • Now, a doubt must be striking your mind that why any student would choose to sit in the coaching for the whole day? Don’t worry we will explain it to you . Students MaaRulas don’t just study for whole day, their schedule involves many other activities .They do prayer , take breakfast , enjoy lunch, give tests, attend lectures, attend motivational sessions and even do the evaluation of test copies. After all this they hardly get 4-5 hour for doing self-study and they choose to spend this time in classes because it’s easy to study here in comparison to home . We provide a peaceful environment to students which help them to pay full concentration to their studies.


  • MaaRula Classes is for What?

MaaRula Classes is a dignified institution, solely devoted to the preparation of MCA Entrance Exams the institution works dynamically on its students and prepares them for all the eminent Entrance Exams of MCA you have heard so for.

  • Speciality of MaaRula Classes
  • Environment :– MaaRula Classes provides you a peaceful environment so that you can pay full concentration to your studies . Pin drop silence is maintained inside the classroom and every single task is performed in a well defined manner .
  • Faculty :– The Faculty at MaaRula classes consists of highly skilled professionals who have great command over their subjects. Maths portion is taught by Sir Amit Katiyar who has completed his MCA from JNU. Computer is taught by Anurag Sir whose is an ex-student of IIT Roorkee. Reasoning is taught by Ashish sir who too has attained Master degree in computer science from HBTI and aptitude is taught by Shanti sir who is an efficient teacher of DASTAK classes.
  • Study Material – Outstanding study material is provided in the MaaRula classes. The level of assignments is structured into 3 – part . The first assignment is at the basic level which builds the base of the topic. 2nd assignment builds up the important concepts of the topic. And the final assignment brings the type of questions being asked in examinations in the view of students.
  • One – to – one interaction with students –

MaaRula classes provides the facility of one – to – one interaction with teachers to students. Assignments are discussed on regular basis in the classroom and even after that if any student faces any problem in any topic then he/she can go to sir to discuss their doubts.

  • Regular Test

MaaRula classes conducts tests on daily basis. Test copies are checked and list of class toppers is prepared on every single day. And then at the end of the day the doubts of students regarding the answer keys is discussed .

  • Structure of MaaRula Classes

MaaRula Classes is structured into 3 batches :

  • Target :- This batch consists of pass out students. The students belonging to this batch stay in the coaching for the longest period.
  • Ranker :- This batch consists of students of 3rd year B.Sc. or BCA (5th – 6th semester)
  • Foundation :- this batch belongs to students of 2nd year B.Sc. or BCA (4th – 3rd semester). There are two batches run for foundation batch students one in the morning and the second one in the evening .
  • Believes of MaaRula Classes :-

MaaRula classes works on Gurukul pattern, students are supposed to follow the guidelines of classes and maintain the decency and decorum of institution .

  • How to join ?

You can go to the3 official website of MaaRula Classes. and collect all the relevant information about MaaRula Classes (like contact no. and address) from there and then you can contact to MaaRula Classes for admission. The attendant will guide you further for all the formalities.  

  • MaaRula classes on other platforms –

MaaRula Classes is now available on YouTube also You can connect with MaaRula through it’s YouTube channel – MaaRula Classes. if regularly updates videos on You tube covering all the important sectors of MCA Entrance Examination

MaaRula Classes has launched its app i.e. Ask MaaRula . this app allows you to post your problems on the app page and get a quick solution . You can also download assignments , syllabus & question paper of all the eminent MCA

You can also join our online test series which is the best test series for all Top level MCA Entrance Exam Only Do one thing just go on the link and Register Where you can enjoy best test series in different –different module like topic wise , speed test quick review test model test and original papers.

Entrance Examination from there.